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ZooBabies at ZONE

As of today, my ZooBabies wall decals by ADzif¬†are now sold in 8 shops across Canada and the US, including ZONE in Montreal, and The Land of Nod in the states! I couldn’t be more excited…..so I took a little stroll to ZONE to see them for myself. I was super excited to see them up on the wall among all the other amazing kids brands and products. Here is a few photos of me posing by the decals. Now I wish I could fly to the states and see them at The Land of Nod……

ZooBabies on Print&Pattern

Over the last few years, I’ve been religiously following the Print&Pattern blog, which has become a daily inspiration tool to many illustrators and designers world wide. Print&Pattern is a UK based blog created by bowiestyle, featuring daily inspirations for print and surface design. It has also been translated into two books, one of which I’ve owned for a couple of years now. Sooo…..you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that my own ZooBabies designs were featured today on the front page! I’m truly honored to be featured among such amazing talent and to get some exposure in