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ZooBabies on Print&Pattern

Over the last few years, I’ve been religiously following the Print&Pattern blog, which has become a daily inspiration tool to many illustrators and designers world wide. Print&Pattern is a UK based blog created by bowiestyle, featuring daily inspirations for print and surface design. It has also been translated into two books, one of which I’ve owned for a couple of years now. Sooo…..you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that my own ZooBabies designs were featured today on the front page! I’m truly honored to be featured among such amazing talent and to get some exposure in

ZooBabies Wall Decals by ADzif

They’re finally here!! My ZooBabies wall decals by ADzif were officially launched today as part of their Spring 2011 Piccolo collection. In the early spring I approached ADzif (a Montreal-based manufacturer and distributor of wall adhesives,) to see if they could produce my designs on wall decals. It turns out that at the time they were developing a new line of wall decals for children’s rooms and needed some fresh designs, so it worked out perfect! The ZooBabies collection features 9 of my designs on large wall adhesives, including PAOLO THE FOX, YURI THE BEAR, EDGAR THE LION, and MIMI

Paolo the Fox on Salut Bonjour

My PAOLO THE FOX print was spotted today on Salut Bonjour, a Montreal morning show that runs weekdays on TVA. This morning’s topic was spring finds for children. Although the hosts of the show didn’t get a chance to talk about PAOLO, you can see the print on the far right corner of the table, and if you fast forward to somewhere around 4 minutes, you will see PAOLO blown up in the background screen. To view the full segment click here.